BX means portable, so BX series is the collection of our light weight tripods made of aluminum alloy. The folding size of BX series tripod is  no more than 30cm while the weight is less than 1.1kg. Now BX family has 3 members,BX-01/05/15.  BX-01 means the tube is only one section which is perfect for tabletop use, all metal body and professional 30cm ball head provides high load capacity. BX-05 means 5 sections of tube, so the extending height is much more than BX-01, but the folding length is even less than BX-01. While BX-15 is a bigger shape of BX-05, it has 5 longer sections of tubes and a 3-section center column which make its max height similar to normal professional tripods, perfect for travel use. 

Ball Head

Used with the BX series

Quick loading plate fast locking design